worst foods for lymphatic system

Worst Food For The Lymphatic System

lymphatic pain by eating worst foods

It is a large, complex network that supports the body’s immunity and regulates fluid balance.

Therefore, many of your clients’ concerns are due to problems with the lymphatic system and lymphatic drainage. Symptoms resulting from poor lymphatic drainage include: swelling, weak immunity, infections, skin problems, joint pain, migraines and fatigue.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can help your clients achieve a healthy lymphatic system. Some of these you can do yourself, many others customers can do at home.

We explore what the lymphatic system is and signs that it is not working properly. Next, we will look at how diet affects the lymphatic system and which foods should be avoided to protect it. Finally, we will show you how to support your clients in their pursuit of lymphatic health.

Before we get into the worst foods for the lymphatic system, let’s talk about the lymphatic system.

What are the lymphatic systems?

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues, organs and lymph nodes that rids the body of toxins and waste. It carries lymph, a body fluid containing white blood cells that fight infection, throughout the body.

The lymphatic system is also the body’s other vascular system. It regulates the body’s general immunity, maintains tissue pressure and helps the intestines absorb fats from the diet.

When this intelligent system stops working as well as it should, people can suffer from all sorts of serious ailments. For example, weak immunity, infections, skin problems, joint pain, migraines and fatigue.

In addition to the most harmful foods for the lymphatic system, there is a wide range of home and professional treatments that you can share to improve your well-being. Whether your clients’ budget is big or small, there’s an approach that works for them.

Cleanse the lymphatic system at home

man drinking water

>Drink water

Dehydration is a common cause of lymphatic congestion. Lymph becomes thicker and less mobile when you’re dehydrated, but it flows well when you’re hydrated. In addition, drinking water is one of the most cost-effective cleaning methods.

>Dry brushing

As the lymphatic system runs close to the skin, the stimulation of the brush ensures that it continues to flow properly.


When you take hot and cold showers, the hot water causes the blood vessels to dilate while the cold water causes them to shrink. This creates a “pumping effect” that pushes fluids out of the body.

How food affects the lymphatic system:

Before we dive into the worst foods for the lymphatic system, it’s good to understand why nutrition is important.

Diet has a significant impact on the lymphatic system. Eating certain foods can cause serious inflammation in the body and put more strain on the lymphatic system. Over time, this can lead to dysfunction and impairment.

Therefore, it is important to drink plenty of water and foods with anti-inflammatory properties to support the lymphatic system’s drainage and filtering capabilities. It is also good to limit foods that can increase inflammation in the body, especially those foods that damage the lymphatic system.

Later in this “Worst Foods for the Lymphatic System” article, we will cover these foods. This allows you to provide excellent advice to clients on how to improve their lymphatic health.

But first, let’s look at the signs that a person’s lymphatic system is not working properly.

Worst food lymphatic system

worst foods

Now that we’ve examined the signs of a malfunctioning lymphatic system, let’s take a look at the foods that do the most damage to the lymphatic system.

As shown above, diet can have a major impact on lymphatic function. In particular, the most harmful foods for the lymphatic system include foods that cause inflammation and the accumulation of toxins.

When advising clients on how to heal their lymphatic system, avoid the following foods:

>Processed foods

Because processed foods are high in fat, salt and sugar, they put more pressure on the lymphatic system, which is responsible for excreting waste from the body.

> Refined sugar

Excess sugar causes fluid retention in the body’s cells, which slows fluid movement. It also causes insulin resistance, which can cause glucose levels to remain high for long periods of time. This can lead to tissue damage in the lymphatic system.


Alcohol dilates the blood vessels, which increases the amount of fluid in the body’s tissues. It also has a diuretic effect and stimulates the kidneys to excrete more fluid. It can be difficult for the lymphatic system to remove excess fluid.

>Dairy products

Dairy products can also cause problems with your lymph flow. This is due to the toxins and hormones that are fed to the animals. In some people, dairy products also trigger an immune response that further stresses the nervous system.

>Cereals that contain gluten

According to some, eating wheat can trigger strong immune reactions in the gut that can affect other parts of the body, including the lymph nodes.

> Fried food

Like processed foods, fried foods often contain high levels of fat, which puts unnecessary stress on the lymphatic system.

>Artificial sweeteners

Some research suggests that artificial sweeteners can suppress the immune system. Therefore, it may be worth avoiding them.

>Non-organic products

The chemicals and pesticides used in non-organic products enter the body and it is the job of the lymphatic system to eliminate them. Therefore, they can be avoided to give your lymphatic system a break.

>Red meat

A diet rich in red meat can disrupt your microbiome and lead to reduced immunity.

> Caffeine

Finally, high caffeine consumption can dehydrate your body, making it harder for the lymphatic system to cleanse the body.

Lymphatic drainage treatments are offered:

There is a wide range of treatments that estheticians, technicians and estheticians can offer their clients to improve their lymphatic health.

Tell them what the lymphatic system is, what the most common causes of an unhealthy lymphatic system are, and what they can do to improve the health of their lymphatic system.

You can also name the worst foods for the lymphatic system. Most customers will appreciate you doing everything you can to improve their well-being.

Lymphatic drainage treatments are offered:

There is a wide range of treatments that estheticians, technicians and estheticians can offer their clients to improve their lymphatic health.

These may include: manual massage, far infrared sauna, Endospheres, Endermologie, Ballancer Pro and lymphatic acupuncture.

Work with a nutritionist or dietitian:

nutritionist and dietitian doctor

A certified nutritionist or dietitian can give you more detailed advice on how to help your clients with their diet. They can tell you more about the worst foods for the lymphatic system.

Additionally, they can help you create lymphatic health information to share with your clients.

If a client needs a more comprehensive intervention than your practice offers, you can refer them directly to a nutritionist or dietitian.

Finally, you can work with certified nutritionists and dietitians to create brochures, podcasts, websites or blog posts about lymphatic health, including the worst foods to eat


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