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 The term “extra virgin olive oil” is very specifically worded. It is a classification of olive oil. To be named Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO FOOD), the product must be cold-pressed once.

When fresh, EVOO has a specific flavor profile for each type of olive tree harvested to produce the oil. The taste can generally be described as grassy, fruity or even floral, with a bitter note and a peppery aftertaste.

When combined with other foods or ingredients, EVOO acts as a flavor enhancer, bringing out the food’s natural flavors to their full potential.

It is popular with chefs for its stability in cooking; Many cooks choose to fry in it, adding butter for flavor if needed, as EVOO stabilizes the butter and increases its smoke point during cooking.

From fresh garden vegetables to bread and cheese, pasta and sauce, meat and more, EVOO is a wonderful pantry that has something for everyone.


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There is a whole culture of appreciating high-quality EVOO and, like wine tasting, specific techniques have been developed that are proven to produce the best aroma and flavor when tasting olive oil.

Not just for professionals, knowing these tasting techniques can help the average consumer recognize the quality of their EVOO, whether purchased from a batch-to-table supplier like us or in a supermarket.


Smoke Point Extra virgin olive oil has a smoke point of 410°F, according to the latest study by the International Olive Oil Council.

This roughly corresponds to the average heat on your stove. EVOO does not break down or form carcinogenic substances, even if the smoking limit is exceeded.

A note on cooking with olive oil from the International Olive Council (2024):

“Olive oil is ideal for frying. At the right temperature, without overheating, it does not undergo significant structural changes and retains its nutritional value better than other oils, not only because of its antioxidants but also because of its high oleic acid content.”

The high smoke point (210 °C) is well above the ideal temperature for frying food (180°C).Fats with lower critical points.


on the rustic wooden table, a spoon full of oil some olives and sliced bread EVOO FOOD

By definition, pure natural extra virgin olive oil must not contain any additives. Once flavors are added to an EVOO, it can only be called flavored olive oil to protect the term EVOO.

At Prairie Oils & Vinegars, we carry EVOO as well as a large selection of infused olive oils. The enriched olive oils are based on the mildest EVOO from the season’s harvest, so the flavors are clearly expressed.

Lemon olive oil, for example, contains a mild extra virgin olive oil and a pure lemon extract. All of our extract flavored olive oils use the natural oils obtained from the flavor ingredient by pressing or macerating them, rather than through chemical processes.

An exception is butter olive oil, which does not actually contain any butter. It’s vegan and dairy-free, making it the perfect choice for people with lactose-free needs.

It is made using a patented system that gives EVOO an appearance very similar to melted, unsalted butter. We invite you to come and try!


All infused olive oils labeled “Pressato” are expertly prepared by grinding olives together with other ingredients such as herbs, paprika and other spices.

This process creates a unique, aromatic olive oil and culinary experience that enhances the organoleptic properties of both the olive oil and the natural oils and flavors of other fresh ingredients mixed with fresh olives.

Both the olives and the other ingredients are pesticide-free and based on organic farming methods, carefully monitored from seed to tank by our own experts.

This intricate and precise process simultaneously harvests olives and other freshly picked ingredients such as citrus fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Timing is critical as ingredients must be brought to the mill within three hours of harvest (to stop ripening and prevent oxidation) and must be ground quickly before ripening occurs.

The final extracted result is tasted, evaluated and laboratory tested to ensure that only the highest quality olive oil reaches your table.


Olives and leaves on the table in the garden.

Yes it is! In fact, the health-promoting properties of this strange substance are significant.

It is a healthy source of fat, lowers bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol, rejuvenates and protects our skin, has pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory properties and much more. So it can be an excellent choice for our diet!

Click here to visit our health information page and read more!


MillPress Imports is a private family business primarily focused on sourcing, importing and bottling the finest batches of fresh extra virgin olive oil and vinegar products.

Drawing on extensive industry expertise, her team sits at the intersection of agriculture, product testing, organoleptic evaluations, food safety and manufacturing.

There is evidence that extra virgin olive oil is overall a functional food with a healthy profile and that its phenolic component, as well as tocopherols and monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) contribute and act in different ways. on different molecular targets.

Although there is a clear understanding of extra virgin olive oil as a whole as a functional food, the action of each of its main components (polyphenols, vitamin E and oleic acid) is not so clear.

Behind this lack of consensus could lie the differences in production and storage processes that can affect the shelf life of olive oil, both in terms of its chemical composition, mainly related to health components, and in terms of its sensory quality.

For this reason, great efforts are being made in the agronomic field to optimize the production and storage conditions of a food that has brought so many overall health benefits.


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